Why you shouldn’t use Linktree or Other Bio Link Services

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If your account is a mere mortal (less than 10K followers), then that coveted link in your profile is the only link you have to bring people back to your website.

Services like Linktr.ee were offering a “loophole” to offer multiple links from that one single profile. Linkt.ree. "Linktree is a free tool for optimizing your Instagram traffic, whether you're a blogger, an artist or run a content platform. You'll get one bio link to house all the content you're driving followers to. Let your content live longer than the feed.”

When you click on the Linktr.ee link, it looks like this:

Instagram - Why you shouldn't use Linktree

Seems like a no brainer to get this set up, doesn’t it? You don’t want to have to run traffic from Instagram to just your home page or single blog post, having a page that showcases multiple links is a great idea!

The problem? When the user clicks on the Linktr.ee link, they’re taken to a Linktr.ee hosted website, not yours! This poses a few issues:

  • The user has to click at least twice to get to your website (you should always be looking to shorten the clicks to convert your traffic into the desired action)

  • If they don’t click beyond the Linktr.ee page, you will not pixel them! For the savvy marketers out there, retargeting ads are a big part of your campaign structure for running ads on Instagram and Facebook. You're getting warm traffic who is interested in your offer, and with a Linktr.ee link, you could possibly turn this traffic cold.

So what to do instead? We have a couple options for you.

  1. Build a mobile optimized page that displays links on your own website, just like the one on Linktr.ee - you can use all your own logos, brand colours and fonts. It's yours to keep forever and it only takes one click from Instagram to pixel your future customer.

2. Frequently change up the link - this one while might prove to be a little more labour intensive, it's one that will raise your account in the eyes of the Instagram gods.

Freshening up your profile frequently will send the right signals to Instagram proving you’re not a bot and are consistently using the platform. When you are mentioning a product, new blog or offer, change up the link to that direct page and don’t forget to mention “link in bio.”


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