The best hashtags for realtors in 2019

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I’m sure by now you know and understand how important hashtags are to grow organically on Instagram. They are the number one, easiest and most effective way to grow, but only if you do it correctly! Use these realtor hashtags on Instagram that are trending in 2019.

Remember to save your hashtags in your phone so you can easily copy & paste them into a post and get trending!

What is trending?

realtor hashtags

The whole goal of using a hashtag is to capture the attention and hopefully some engagement from an Instagram user using that hashtag and searching for content. You want them to land on your post with the hashtag you have used.

We want your account & your Instagram post to trend for that particular hashtag. As pictured to the left, ideally you want to land in one of those top 9 spots.

Be careful, if you use too large of a hashtag (say a hashtag with 500,000 posts or more) it's going to be really hard to trend if you don't have a huge account.

When looking for what hashtags to use for your own account, look for a sweet spot of 20,000-250,000 posts on that hashtag, however, one caveat is your local hashtags. For example, #openhouserichmondhill currently only has 80 posts, however, this is a highly targeted hashtag to use for this realtor, and if you have a potential buyer following this hashtag, chances are pretty good it's going to show up in their feed!

The best hashtags for realtors in 2019

Here are (at the time of this article) the best hashtags to use on your realtor instagram account.

A couple Do's & Don'ts before you start copying & pasting these into your phones.

  • Do copy this list and use within your Instagram Strategy
  • Don't use the same set of hashtags on every single post. You could get shadow banned if you are consistently doing this.
  • Do some research for local hashtags you could be using in conjunction with these hashtags
  • Don't put all of your hashtags right under your caption. It looks messy and a little spammy. We suggest either doing the 5 dots down in the caption, or checkout this software, it lets you build the caption the way you want it, with line breaks and then you can just copy & past.
  • Do use all 30 hashtags (it's the maximum you are allowed).
  • Don't listen to the "you look desperate" people who say a smaller amount, we've done our testing, use all 30 and use our method above to push those captions down and you'll get a nice clean look on your post.












It's important to regularly check the analytics of your hashtags and get insight as to the ones bringing you the most of amount of engagement. You can easily see your hashtag analytics when you use software like the two linked down below.

Sprout social & Later both offer easy to digest analytics with a couple clicks of a button.

Do you need more hashtags?

We've done the research for you and have a complete Real Estate Hashtag Grid, with over 500 hashtags, researched (and counting as we continually update) that you can start copying and pasting into your Instagram captions.

Grab your copy here for only $7. We've made it super simple and organized the hashtags into categories so you can easily find a set that goes well with the content you are posting.

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