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I thought I knew a lot about ads, but when I enrolled in the McMaster Digital service, I learned that there’s so much more to ads marketing than just a single product.
Ads were one of the points that I didn’t enjoy to learn and found it difficult to grasp; there were so many moving parts and I felt like I was constantly missing something and had a lot of fears that I was just “throwing money away” with the ads.

After Kara and her team stepped in to take over my ads management, it freed up my time to focus on the work that I do best; in improving the products themselves. I’ve gotten more time back, I no longer have to be worried about my numbers, gained confidence in my adspend and ROAs, the ads have converted sales through all stages of the funnel and some of my high-ticket sales has been tracked back to some of the ads.

I highly recommend Kara and the McMaster Digital team for your marketing needs, and having an ideal partner who knows that they’re doing in the digital marketing realm; not only will you get the expertise, but the quality of work that is delivered with professionalism and experience.
Come find the ads that she has created for me! 😀

Theresa- Loop Link

"Kara is incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with. As an entrepreneur that works in the online space I have paid others for their consulting services in the past and have been extremely disappointed. Before meeting Kara I was skeptical that she would any been different. She was very different.

From our first conversation she gained my trust through her straight forward approach and the confidence she had in what I would learn through our meeting. She did not disappoint. I needed help in narrowing my focus when in came to product creation, social media marketing and presence and the overall structure of my online business.

I came away with actionable steps that even after a couple of days of implementing I feel have made a difference. As I have just finished my initial consultation time will tell what the results will be, but I can say I have a huge amount of confidence that by following Kara's advice my business will prosper."

Jeff - Swimming Yoga

"McMaster digital has been a lifesaver for our company Back to Earth! Kara is incredibly
knowledgeable and she is always looking for a solution to one's needs in their business.  The high level of videos and messaging for our social media platforms have been a huge success and one can see in our engagement both through social media and our website sales. Kara is always suggesting new exciting ideas to improve our audience and is always ready to implement these ideas. She is diligent and cares deeply for her clients, I would highly recommend McMaster digital to support one in their businesses organization, productivity and efficiency. We are truly fortunate to have them as a part of our Back to Earth family!"

Kiley - Back to Earth

“Kara and the team at McMaster Digital was first introduced to us by our bank consultant and we are ever so thankful for that. Kara’s mild and professional persona coupled with her sense of humor makes it so easy to work and communicate with. Kara, Naomi & team are super dedicated to the point that there are times where we do feel guilty about not being able to keep up with them and give them the information they need to work through. However, they still forge ahead and get things done. The write-ups and snippets of relevant videos, like little pieces of a puzzle have come together so well and resulted in something beyond awesome! I will not hesitate to recommend them to any company wanting to take their products and/or services to the next level.”

Jay - Little Footprints Academy

Kara and her team are professional, creative and work hard to understand your needs, goals, and develop a successful plan for everyone to succeed. I highly recommend Kara and her team as it has made a significant difference in my business and achieving my goals. The best part is they are there every step of the way from answering quick questions to providing serious direction. Thank you to your entire team Kara for all that you do and continue to do. Go Team Kara!

Lisa Roper

“Kara and her team are excellent all! Tyler Antrican and our team at Antrican & Co. Real Estate can't speak highly enough of them! We've been burned in the past with other "marketing agencies", however, Kara does it right. Her team is out there to change all the negative perception of the industry and show people how it's truly done! One of the best things we've done for our business and team! Game changer.”

Drake & Tyler - Antrican & Co. Real Estate