Why You Should Stop Using Facebook Like Campaigns

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All you’re doing is growing a vanity metric and give ol' Zucks the big bucks.

We're not going to deny, having a Facebook audience is important and can play a big role in your overall marketing strategy, but how you get those likes needs to change.

So we all know (or maybe you don't) about the big algorithm change in FB. Facebook wants its platform to be more about engagement and seeing posts in the news feed that resonate with people.  That means the content you're pushing out into Facebook needs to resonate with people. Simply asking them to like your page on Facebook ain't gonna cut it in 2019.


Here's what you should do instead.  Using an engaging piece of creative, this could be a video, a picture, an info graph, or even better FB live and throw some money behind it. Ensure that when you set up your FB campaigns that you are choosing the correct objective and proper targeting. We love to use a great video that gets them to like or love the post and a compelling call to action we want them to take. Once they have liked the post, we can then go back in and invite them to like our page! This folks is the trifecta of a winning strategy

  • They've engaged with our post
  • They visit our site (and we get to pixel them for retargeting)
  • And we invite them to like our page

If you liked this tip and want to step up your Facebook ads strategy, be sure to book a no-obligation call with us and see if McMaster digital can help you see a better return on your marketing dollars.

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